STOP! Your Alcoholism Is Not Genetic!


In my 27 year career I have seen numerous theories, and conjecture about the causes of human issues such as alcoholism.

However, as I have read the scientific studies – that these theories are based on – a troubling trend emerges, very little empirical data. Observable and replicable this is the foundation of science.

Take alcoholism as an example. Most people believe that it is a genetically based disease. Well scientists claim to have found an alcoholism gene but how did they distinguish that from a gene related to depression or general family dysfunction. They didn’t.

These studies make conclusions outside of real world context.

In fact for the past century alcoholism was seen as the psychological condition of extreme narcissism. And I believe that theory to be true because I see it tangibly everyday.

Alcoholics lie all day long. They lie to their own children. Lying requires your cognitive function. You think about lying, you create the lie, you tell the lie. Booze didn’t make you do that you did that.

Other issues these scientific studies never factor in are biological desire for sweet tastes [booze is fermented sugar] or the incredible influence of generational degenerate behaviors in families. Better yet booze as a depressant and its connection to depression?

How did they conclude – with all of these factors – that this one gene caused alcoholism?

Bottom line families with alcoholics are dysfunctional, full of codependency and self-centeredness. That’s the cold hard truth!

My solution let’s start holding parents accountable for their violation of child welfare laws. Their selfishness is child abuse. Wake them up and force them away from their self-centeredness to maturity and accountability. Oh that’s right I forgot we can’t do that because the ADA [the Americans With Disabilities Act] has declared alcoholism a disease so they are protected from accountability.

Poor science is hurting our society but I have good news for you. Just because your family is a group of selfish losers does not mean you will be automatically.

Harsh you say? Tell that to the DUI victims, the abused children, the broken families.


Genetics and Mental Illness—Let’s Not Get Carried Away

Genetic association studies of alcoholism — problems with the candidate gene approach

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