Top 5 Most Dangerous Colleges in The U.S. Harvard’s Dirty Secret

College crime
College crime

Parents know the facts about your child’s safety this school year.

from the Daily Beast:

Harvard and MIT may rack up academic accolades, but crime doesn’t look at SAT scores. From murder to burglary, among the 458 colleges and universities ranked by The Daily Beast, these were the top 5 with the worst grades.

For The Daily Beast’s second-annual ranking of the most dangerous colleges in the U.S., we pored over the three most recent calendar years of campus security and crime data (2006-2008) compiled by the U.S. Department of Education, as well as the FBI and the Secret Service, in conjunction with the Clery Act, the federal mandate requiring all schools that receive federal funding to disclose crime information annually.


1, Tufts University

2, Harvard University

3, Rutgers University-Newark

4, University of Hartford

5, University of Baltimore

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