Amanda Knox is guilty! Mark my words she will be violent again.

Amanda Knox and Meredith Kercher
Amanda Knox and Meredith Kercher


1) The confession. 

Knox confessed that she was in the house on the night of the murder and that she heard Miss Kercher scream, identifying a Congolese bar owner, Patrick Lumumba, as the assailant. She told the court during the trial that the confession was made under duress but then repeated the entire account in a five page memorandum the next morning.

2) The false accusation.

The prosecution said the fact that Knox falsely accused Lumumba of being the killer was a sign of her own guilt and an attempt to throw them off her trail. He was arrested in a dawn raid by armed police and spent two weeks in jail. It was only by chance that a Swiss businessman read about the case and came forward to say he had been talking to Lumumba in his bar on the night of the murder — offering him a rock-solid alibi. Lumumba says Knox nearly ruined his life and is suing her for defamation.

3) The alibi. 

Sollecito could not back up Knox’s alibi on the night of the murder.
She claimed she spent the evening with him, smoking marijuana, watching the French film Amelie and making love. But Sollecito told police he could not remember if Knox was with him that evening or not.

Even assuming his memory was hazy because of the drugs, it seemed odd that a young man who had just embarked on a new relationship could not recall whether he had spent the night with his girlfriend or not.

4) Computer and telephone records. 

Sollecito claimed he used his computer to download and watch cartoons and Amelie. But computer experts told the court that there was no activity on his laptop between 9.10pm on Nov 1, and 5.32am the next morning — the time frame in which the murder took place.
Knox and Sollecito turned off their mobile phones on the night of the murder, from around 8.40pm, and turned them back on at around 6am, inviting further suspicion.

5) The staged break-in. 

A bedroom belonging to one of Miss Kercher’s Italian flatmates was ransacked on the night of the murder, with a window smashed with a rock. But police said the break-in was staged – broken glass from the window was found on top of clothes scattered on the floor, suggesting the window was broken after the contents of the room were messed up. Prosecutors accused Knox and her boyfriend of staging the break-in to make the killing look like a burglary that had turned into rape and murder.


13 thoughts on “Amanda Knox is guilty! Mark my words she will be violent again.

  1. Thank you Dale. I agree with you 100%. It should also be noted that the final Supreme Court report of the case against Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, the court found the following:

    * Knox was present at the cottage during the murder
    * Knox and Sollecito had no alibis for the night of the murder
    * Knox is a convicted liar who rightly spent four years in prison
    * Knox heard Meredith when she was murdered
    * Rudy Guede did not act alone
    * Rudy Guede did not hold a knife
    * Strong suspicion that Sollecito was at the cottage with Knox during the murder
    * There was a spot mixed with the victim’s blood and Knox’s DNA found in the bathroom
    * The crime scene was staged
    * Knox was aware of the sexual aspect of the crime before it could be determined by the police
    * There was no evidence of coercion by the police when Knox accused Lumumba of murder
    * Knox’s motive for falsely accusing Lumumba for murder was to cover up for Rudy Guede
    * Knox’s felony conviction won’t be affected in any way if the ECHR finds any human rights violations
    * Rudy Guede has less motive than Knox to commit crime

    All of the above would be more than enough to convict Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito for either murder or accessory to murder in every common court of law throughout the world. But not this one. Why? Because of Sollecito’s and Bongiorno’s corruption through political channels and the mafia. This is now world wide news and is history now written in stone. Everyone throughout the world now knows that both Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito got away with murder, but it will never get away from them so they will never have lives of their own. Basically we own them. 🙂

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  2. Dead right Dale !

    Think the new Netflix – “Documentary” obviously is geared for misleading people. It seems to be the new – edition of the “Knox – look at me, poor me – I’m innocent – campaign”.

    – No evidence ?
    Wrong !
    There is a lot of rock solid evidence against Knox & Sollecito.

    – Both have alibis ?
    Wrong !
    They have no alibis.

    – The black man is the killer ?
    Wrong again !
    Courts found Guede to be only an accomplice, an accomplice to
    two others. Courts stated Guede was not the knifer / killer himself.

    – The black man was a drifter & burglar ?
    Wrong !

    Guede had no (exactly: no !) criminal record that time. In truth the only drifter
    was Amanda Knox herself: She was fired by her boss, had no real friends, only
    alcohol and drugs (…. normal like the daily pasta … in her own words).

    – no motive ?
    Wrong again !
    Knox felt (was) refused by Meredith Kercher who was appalled at Amanda Knox.

    In my opinion the “Documentary” is an inappropriate attempt of old Knox supporters to whitewash things. It’s another step to willfully twist the facts and the objective truth.

    Shame on Netflix and all people responsible for this.

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    1. Just because something is entered as evidence doesn’t mean it proves anything. There was no evidence proving anything except to you.
      Both Ms. Knox and Mr. Sollecito have consistently stated they spent the night with each other. They both recanted the statements the police forced them to sign to the contrary. Mr. Sollecito pointing out that Ms. Knox’s police statements said he wasn’t at the murder is only indicating how the evidence of his involvement is contradicted by those statements. He didn’t change his account at all.

      That Guede was “only an accomplice” who did not hold the knife is only a legal fiction based on opinion and not facts. Ms. Knox and Mr. Sollecito had no voice in Guede’s trial in which the Guede’s defense and the prosecution agreed on these assertions. These decisions were a marriage of convenience for Guede’s defense to distance Guede from the crimes and for the Judiciary to make room for blame to be shed on Ms. Knox and Mr. Sollecito.

      There was testimony that Guede did break and enter on two occasions, and he was convicted of stealing a laptop computer from one of those occasions.

      Ms. Knox was talking about how all her roommates used alcohol and marijuana when she described those things being normal as daily pasta. Also, Meredith’s British friends drank a lot more alcohol than Ms. Knox did. Ms. Knox told Patrick Lumumba she had to quit working for him before he said anything about firing her. Why were Ms. Knox’s friends any more “real” than Meredith’s friends?

      Yes, Meredith criticized Ms. Knox to her British friends, but where is there any proof that Ms. Knox was aware of Ms. Kercher’s duplicity? Ms. Knox was aware that Meredith’s British friends didn’t like her. So why would Ms. Knox expect Ms. Kercher to include her in activities with those British friends that would be awkward for all concerned? It’s a ridiculous exaggeration to assert that Ms. Knox and Ms. Kercher not getting together on Halloween was motive for murder. There is no proof that Ms. Knox was offended at all.

      Netflix and the people working on the documentary “Amanda Knox” said they were going to present Ms. Knox’s viewpoint, but they obtained Mignini’s comments as well. Do guilters find the documentary inappropriate because it didn’t clearly assert Ms. Knox’s guilt? It also didn’t clearly assert her innocence.

      It’s the guilters who willfully twist facts and ignore objective truth.


  3. Les, those are great FACTS accepted by the Supreme Court in Italy.

    Very strong suspicion that the verdict was influenced by outside forces. Defense team expected verdicts to be upheld.

    For anyone not in the Knox corner, the direct & circumstantial evidence implicating her and Sollecito is compelling & has never been adequately addressed by Knox or her Attorneys.

    Her differing accounts, her false allegations against Lumumba, her late but bizarre late recollections & her allegations of assault to discredit her accounts during police interview are all huge Red Flags.

    Four different accounts of that night from Knox.
    Phones switched off to try to avoid placing them at locations after murder.
    Contradictory technical evidence – laptop usage.
    Staged burglary.
    Knox claims she found front door open & blood all over the bathroom yet she just took a shower & did nothing else.
    Know tries to obstruct Comms Police breaking down Kercher’s door.
    Knox’s late bathmat suggestion just as hall is to be Luminol tested by Police.
    Knox DNA on handle of knife & Kercher’s DNA on the blade.
    Knox DNA in Kercher blood spot in sink.
    Knox & Sollecito footprints in Kerchers blood on bathroom floor.
    Knox initially admits she was in house during murder but not to Kercher’s room.
    Knox family recruited top Seattle PR firm to revise/distort/represent facts.
    Knox interviewed for 2 hours with female interpreter present NOT 40 hours as US media were told.
    Knox was not beaten, struck or ill-treated. Her Italian attorney validates this.
    Etc Etc

    Read these items for yourself.


    1. Certainly it was expected that the Fifth Chamber would close ranks with the injustice already perpetrated against Ms. Knox and Mr. Sollecito to save judicial face, but perhaps it wasn’t just the outside forces of overwhelming judicial and forensic opinion from around the world that caused the final acquittal of Ms. Knox and Mr. Sollecito. Hopefully, judges recognized they had no choice but to acquit because of the ridiculous case they had before them. The “mountain” of evidence was a set of unproved opinions with no validity since each unproved opinion depended on how it fit with other unproved opinions for the semblance of validity.


  4. 1. Ms. Knox did not confirm the forceed confessions in her First Memorandum. She said the memories of being with him at the murder were unreal and unreliable compared to the vivid memories of being with Mr. Sollecito during the same period of time. The confusion she demonstrated in that First Memorandum confirms that the police had brainwashed her into signing the forced confessions.

    2. Since Ms. Knox recanted the forced statements as being unreal and unreliable, she recanted the accusation against Patrick Lumumba as well as the confession the police typed in Italian for her to sign. The police were already looking for a black man to use to connect her to the murder. They didn’t release Patrick Lumumba until they had Rudy Guede in custody to take Patrick Lumumba’s place in this assertion of Ms. Knox’s connection to the crimes.

    3. Mr. Sollecito’s statements that Ms. Knox did not arrive at his apartment until 1:00 AM the next morning are contradicted by testimony of Jovanna Papovic that she saw Ms. Knox at Mr. Sollecito’s apartment at 6:30 PM and 8:42 PM that night. These are obviously words the police forced Mr. Sollecito to sign as he would not stated them in his right mind. Mr. Sollecito recanted those police statements and went back to his first affirmation he told the police that he spent the entire night with Ms. Knox. He did in his book admit that he could not be aware of Ms. Knox while he was asleep, but he pointed out that she could not have gotten back into his apartment without his key.

    4. People can suspect all they want from the phones and computers being off during the night, but that doesn’t prove Ms. Knox and Mr. Sollecito left his apartment.

    5. The glass fragments being on top of the clothes scattered on the floor in Filomena’s room do prove the clothes were there before the rock broke the window, but they don’t prove how the clothes got scattered on the floor. The bag the clothes were in was found on the floor also. There is no way to prove the bag didn’t topple over on its own before the rock came through the window. Also, the scratches and embedded glass found on the inside shutters prove the rock was thrown inward through the window instead outward. The police didn’t prove Guede didn’t come through the window. The prosecutors just assumed he didn’t since they saw no signs of him climbing the wall to the window. The police didn’t check for finger prints of DNA at the window since all they were interested in were the two spots on the floot that reacted with Luminol. They didn’t even examine the glass remaining in the window frame to determine in which direction it bent before breaking.


  5. Nice to see common sense. Ofc she is guilty. Anyone who has read this trial and seen the evidence you present knows she is guilty. Or watched her bizarre interviews with the likes of Diane Sawyer. appears to have been taken down from the web. It presented a ton of evidence and illuminating information on this case and the trials. It is also telling to note that Knox’s family seems to have a constant roving presence on the web attempting to exonerate her. Youtube, for example, has an individual named Nancy Parker who is constantly attacking anyone who dares breathe a word against her. Must be a relation or a member of the PR team. In fact I was told that she is a relation by other commenters. She is definitely guilty of something, if only knowing what was going on to this poor woman, Meredith Kercher, who can, unlike Knox, never speak again.


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