Continuing War on Egypt’s Christians

Coptic Christians
Coptic Christians

by  Samuel Tadros The Atlantic

Last week’s ISIS bombing of a Coptic cathedral in Cairo, which killed 25, may “remind the world of the plight of Copts,” writes Samuel Tadros in The Atlantic, but “it is their daily encounter with discrimination and persecution that poses the greatest threat to their future.”

Fact is, “a Copt has never been an equal Egyptian citizen in the eyes of the law. Egyptian laws are, in fact, designed to remind him of his second-class nature.” Could the world’s oldest Christian community “actually become extinct?

Throughout the Middle East, the answer seems to be yes.” ISIS’ “reign of horrors has not only sought to annihilate [such] communities, but the very physical evidence of their historical presence.” So those who can afford to are emigrating, and “writing a new chapter of revival.”

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