The Myth Of The Lone Wolf Terrorist

No Lone Wolf

There is no such thing as a “Lone Wolf Terrorist” family, friends and supports are all complicit in their crimes. Khalid Masood was not alone.

Los Angeles Daily News, editorial:

“On Wednesday, a vehicle ran down pedestrians on the London Westminster Bridge before crashing into a railing outside Parliament. The attacker then attempted to make his way (inside), stabbing a British police officer along the way, before being shot by other officers. The officer died, along with the attacker and (several) pedestrians on the bridge. At least 40 were injured. … These ‘lone wolf’ terrorist incidents are increasing in frequency. But these attackers are hardly alone. Regardless of the attacker’s religion, or whether affiliated with an official terrorist organization, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria continues to leave its mark. … While world leaders consider next steps, it remains imperative to take the fight to groups like ISIS that inspire hate and violence — but we also must commit ourselves to not allow our way of life to be ruled by fear.”

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