UN Disrespects The Tomb Of Abraham, Isaac And Jacob

Cave of the Patriarchs

It’s the burial site of the Bible’s Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca and Leah . . . and also the final resting place of the United Nations’ integrity.

In a Friday vote in Krakow, Poland, the 21-member heritage committee of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, or UNESCO, passed a resolution declaring the world’s most ancient Jewish site, the Cave of the Patriarchs, a part of the State of Palestine.

A state that doesn’t actually exist — the real point of the measure actually being to help bring it magically into being, and to slap Israel because, well, Jews.

It’s just the latest in a string of UNESCO outrages; the week also saw a 22-10 vote to declare Israel an “occupying power” in the Old City of Jerusalem, home of the Temple Mount, the holiest site for Jews. Another recent resolution listed the Temple Mount itself as a Palestinian, but not Israeli, historic site.

Friday’s measure also puts the Cave of the Patriarchs on UNESCO’s “in danger” list — obscenely implying that Israel might destroy this “Palestinian” treasure.

In fact, the reverse is true: Palestinians are the ones with the history of destroying Jewish sites — like torching Joseph’s Tomb in 2000, followed by sacking and burning the ancient Shalom Al Yisrael synagogue in Jericho. Not to mention the Palestinian gunmen who took over the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem in 2002.

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu noted, “Only in places where Israel exists . . . is freedom of worship guaranteed for all. Everywhere else in the Middle East, mosques, churches and synagogues are being destroyed. We’ll continue to safeguard the Cave of the Patriarchs, freedom of religion and truth.”

UNESCO, meanwhile, should stop pretending, and strike “educational” and “scientific” from its name.

New York Post

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