Oscars & Feminists: Why ‘Wonder Woman’ Was Snubbed

Wonder Woman Snubbed Oscars 2018

Post-Weinstein Hollywood may be “bending over backward to make sure women get noticed this year,” says Brandon Morse at Red State, but “one movie featuring a powerful woman is noticeably absent from the current crop of Oscar nominations, despite its success and approval.”

That would be “Wonder Woman,” the highest-grossing superhero origin movie of all time. Why the snub? Well, feminists consider the character too sexy and traditional to be “suitable as a rep for their narrative.”

Then there’s star Gal Gadot — an unabashedly proud Israeli and veteran of Israel’s military.

So “a very successful film directed by a woman will get no recognition at the Oscars, because it starred the wrong woman, sporting the wrong values, having the wrong looks and promoting the wrong behaviors.”

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