Why We Still Need James Bond Movies

James Bond

With uproars over the next James Bond flick causing some to suggest it’s time to let the franchise expire, Christian Toto at PJ Media says “we need James Bond now — more than ever.”

For one thing, Bond isn’t like today’s action heroes, who spend an entire movie “wringing their hands about the fallout from their fighting.” With Bond, “the world is on fire” and “he’s here to douse it, or die trying.”

Moreover, he’s the embodiment of what the left hates most: toxic masculinity. Bond is “a man’s man, the kind women drool over and men want to emulate.” Finally, for all the radical change in popular culture, the Bond franchise has endured since 1962. He may be “an antiquated hero,” but we still care about him all the same.

1 thought on “Why We Still Need James Bond Movies

  1. I can somewhat see your point, but consider this: hes a bit of a relic as far as storytelling goes. honestly, Ive always been more a Jack Ryan fan as hes more of a humanized yet highly masculine hero. with Jack, his motivations are WAY more easy to relate to (Patriot Games is one of my favorite books) honestly, If you want a action hero with Toxic Masculinity thats way better for these times, I would suggest rebooting and recasting the Jack Reacher series. James….eh, even his video games are boring.


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