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Dave Chappelle Leads The Fight Against PC Culture

Dave Chappelle Leads The Fight Against PC Culture

Could Dave Chappelle’s political-correctness-skewering Netflix special mark “the beginning of the end of the PC police?” asks Christian Toto at Hollywood in Toto.

The comedian’s act relentlessly mocks “PC scolds scouring social media posts to cancel people out” and jokes about stereotypes and “woke culture,” leading Vice to denounce the special as “transphobic and worse.”

And Chappelle is just one of a growing number of comedians criticizing “cancel culture,” from Adam Carolla to Jim Gaffigan to Jerry Seinfeld to even “far-left comic” Sarah Silverman.

“It’s worth noting that Netflix didn’t cut ties with Chappelle following the press outrage over his last special” — indeed, it gave him this new one. “On that level alone, Chappelle just scored a major victory in the Culture Wars. Now, will his peers join the fight?”