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3 Questions Every Parent Should Ask School Board Members About Their Children’s Safety

School Safety SERAPH
School Safety SERAPH

Get a group of parents together write a letter [this is required by Federal and State law IDEA] with these questions then submit it to your school board:

  1. What proof of Prevention policies and training do they have? [denial of entry to a school]
  2. Do they have a formal process for outside security walks every 15-30 minutes? [if the school has security guards make them show you the plan]
  3. Has a Federal level [U.S. Department of Education –  United States Department of Justice] security MANAGEMENT audit been done in the last 12 months?

Don’t assume the leadership has done this. GET THE FACTS!

Landmark U.S. Court Decision Sets New Standard Bullied Students


A learning-disabled third-grader who was cruelly bullied by classmates at highly rated PS 6 on the Upper East Side was deprived of her educational rights — and the city must pay for her tuition at a private school, a top appellate court has ruled.