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Two Evil White Women & The Burrito

Kooks Burritos Portland, Oregon

And the prize for most offensive stealth Nazism goes to….. Portland’s social justice correctness warriors

May 24, 2017 by Carlos Eire Babalú Blog

Evil white women

“Cultural appropriation” is the latest sin to be invented by leftist social justice warriors.

The basic premise is this: “white” people can’t appropriate anything at all from any culture that isn’t their own, especially from third world cultures.

This aggressive new sort of reverse racism has a peculiarly nasty totalitarian stealth-Nazi feel to it, for it aims to control behavior in extreme ways, through prohibitions of all sorts based on race and nationality.

Of course, those who invented this sin call those who disagree with them “Nazis,” but the ironic twist here is that the inventors of this sin are much more similar to Nazis than any white supremacist.

Anyone who has lived in Castrogonia or any totalitarian state knows exactly where this crap is coming from and to where it is leading us all.

Take, for instance, this latest bit of insanity in Portland, Oregon, where two “white women” were forced to close their Burrito restaurant simply because they were “white” instead of Mexican.

Santa mierda!

I suppose this means that some time soon my “white” wife could get arrested for cooking Cuban food….

… and that would be only the tip of the iceberg… er….forgive the cultural appropriation lodged in that metaphor, please… I don’t mean to usurp anything from Eskimos…er, forgive me…the Innuit People….er… Inupiat, Yupik, and Alutiit peoples, forgive me please…

Now, as for all those so-called Cuban Sandwiches now available everywhere….. including those on pumpernickel bread….. well, eeeexxxxcccuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me!

As S.J. Perelman once said, “De gustibus ain’t what dey used to be.”

Cancelled: Offensive “white” burrito

From the one and only Daily Mail, only a couple of headlines away from the Manchester terror bombing……

White women’s burrito shop is forced to close after being hounded with accusations it was ‘culturally appropriating Mexican food and jobs’

Two white women have been forced to close their pop-up burrito shop after they were accused of cultural appropriation.

Kali Wilgus and Liz ‘LC’ Connelly opened Kooks Burritos in Portland, Oregon, after taking a trip to Puerto Nuevo, Mexico, last December.

For the first few months, the weekend pop-up shop housed in an taco truck was a smash hit. It gained so much popularity, a local weekly newspaper decided to profile the entrepreneurial duo.

But that’s when the trouble started for Wilgus and Connelly, after quotes they gave to the Williamette Week led to them being accused of stealing their success.

Explaining their trip, Connelly told the newspaper: ‘I picked the brains of every tortilla lady there in the worst broken Spanish ever, and they showed me a little of what they did.

‘In Puerto Nuevo, you can eat $5 lobster on the beach, which they give you with this bucket of tortillas. They are handmade flour tortillas that are stretchy and a little buttery, and best of all, unlimited.
‘They wouldn’t tell us too much about technique, but we were peeking into the windows of every kitchen, totally fascinated by how easy they made it look. We learned quickly it isn’t quite that easy.’

Those comments were latched onto by a food blog in the Portland Mercury, which accused Wilgus and Connelly of ‘preying’ on the women they met in Mexico.

Continue reading HERE for shock after shock…. more insane statements crammed into one news article than any sane person could ever imagine