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3 Questions Every Parent – Grandparent Should Ask School Board Members About Their Children’s Safety

ALERT school violence schools
ALERT school violence schools

Do you really know how safe your children are in their Private or Public school?

For the past 20 years SERAPH has provided the White House, Senate and U.S. Department of Education with studies and policy regarding school safety and special education students.

With 30,000 U.S. schools as clients, we have an accurate understanding of the hidden issues.

TAKE ACTION: Under state and federal law requests to school board members or school administrators must be in written form [not email].

STEP 1: Get a group of parents together [at least 3] and write a letter with these questions then submit it to your school board [make sure everyone of the parents signs it and dates it]:

  • What proof of Prevention policies and training do they have? [denial of entry to a school]. Do the trainers have certification in federal IDEA?
  • Do they have a formal process for outside security walks every 15-30 minutes? [if the school has security guards make them show you the plan].
  • Has a Federal level [U.S. Department of Education –  United States Department of Justice] security MANAGEMENT audit been done in the last 12 months? This would include a Climate Assessment of the Special Education department.

You will be shocked by what you find.