A NATIONAL DISGRACE! Congress Disrespects WWII Veterans 

Disrespect Veterans Dale Yeager Blog
Disrespect Veterans Dale Yeager Blog

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff

A bill that would honor members of the World War II-era organization that was the forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency as well as some of the U.S. military’s most elite units has — despite broad bipartisan support — stalled in Congress.

The bill would bestow the Congressional Gold Medal on the few remaining veterans of the Office of Strategic Services, or OSS, many of whom who are in their 80s and 90s. The bill has 320 co-sponsors in the House, and a companion bill was unanimously passed in the Senate in March. The hold-up, however, appears to center on a recently passed congressional rule that prevents groups or organizations — as opposed to individuals — from being awarded the medal.

Before the most recent session of Congress, groups of World War II veterans such as the Tuskegee Airmen — the famed group of African American aviators who fought in the skies over Europe — have received the medal, and earlier this year the rule was waived so the medal could be awarded to civil rights activists who led the 1965 “Bloody Sunday” march in Selma, Ala. Yet for the aging members of the OSS, a waiver has remained elusive, with the House’s Republican leadership largely silent on why that has been the case.

The waiver, known as a “suspension of the rules,” must first be proposed by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and approved by the rest of the House’s senior leadership which would allow a bill to be passed by the House Financial Committee, chaired by Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-Tex.), and then be brought to the floor for a vote.

Hensarling’s office told the Dallas Morning News earlier this week that he “looks forward to voting in favor of the bill” and said he had nothing to do with the award’s current limbo-like status.

A House leadership aide, who was not allowed to speak publicly on the matter, said in an email that the bill “violates conference rules and a waiver has not been considered and there is no timetable for consideration.”

The office of House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) deferred questions to McCarthy.

The current iteration of the bill was introduced last November by Rep. Robert E. Latta (R-Ohio). (In 2013, Latta had proposed a similar bill.) According to the Dallas Morning News, Latta plans to seek passage of the legislation before the 115th session of Congress begins in January and the bill has to be reintroduced.

“The effect the OSS has had in shaping our national security structure is unparalleled,” said Latta in a statement that was released when the bill was first announced in November. “I introduced this legislation to call upon Congress to collectively recognize these brave men and women for their efforts, and honor them for their extraordinary service on behalf of this great nation.”

In a statement released Monday, the Office of Strategic Services Society, a group that represents OSS veterans, said that if the bill is not passed before the 114th Congress adjourns, it “will die and some of the greatest heroes of the “Greatest Generation” will never be honored for their service.”

“General Donovan said OSS personnel, who were drawn from every branch of the military, performed ‘some of the bravest acts of the war.’ Their bravery deserves to be recognized with a Congressional Gold Medal,” said OSS Society President Charles Pinck in the statement.

Started in 1942 and led by Donovan, who famously called the OSS his “glorious amateurs,” the organization was involved in covert operations around the world. Members of the OSS infiltrated Nazi Germany, trained resistance fighters in China and helped gather intelligence deep behind enemy lines. At the conclusion of the war, the OSS’s boat teams would slowly morph into the Underwater Demolition Teams that became the Navy SEALs. Other parts of the OSS would become the Army’s Special Forces Groups. At the conclusion of the war, the OSS was dissolved, but many of its veterans served in the Central Intelligence Agency when it was created.

In the front foyer of CIA headquarters, across from the wall honoring the agency’s dead since 1947, is a book listing the names of those who died serving with the OSS and a statue of Donovan.

Lack of Funding by Feds & States is Killing Cops



How Budget Battles Have Endangered Law Enforcement and the Public

Since January 1 of this year over 40 local, state and federal law enforcement officers and special agents have been killed.

A war has been declared on cops by radical political groups, violent loners and organized crime gangs. The general public is not aware of this problem but I am. As a Federal law enforcement instructor I have watched as the budget debates have dramatically affected police training throughout the country.

Major training conferences for such critical issues as sex offender apprehension and gang interdiction have been canceled because of federal funds being cut. The domestic terrorism unit of the Department of Homeland Security has been all but eradicated.

Every American should be outraged.

In my two decade career I have never seen the kinds of budget cuts for police training as I have seen in the past year. Executive officers within law enforcement agencies are concerned.

What’s the cost of this defunding?

Simply put without training police do not develop critical skills and strategy’s to control crime. New strategies to find and secure sex offenders who escaped after hurricane Katrina will not be taught. New safety tactics to protect officers and agents will not be learned.

In the midst of the fiscal debate within the beltway law enforcements’ safety and effectiveness should not be placed on the table with other funding issues.

The people of the U.S. deserve protection and most importantly the law enforcement professionals who protect us deserve the best.

Contact your Congress person and forward this Op-ed to them please.http://www.usa.gov/Contact/Elected.shtml

Gangs Grow in SUBURBAN Schools – A Parent’s Guide to Protecting their Children

Gangs in Suburban Schools SERAPH
Gangs in Suburban Schools SERAPH

The US Department of Justice has released a report that states the growth of criminal gangs is increasing in all socioeconomic areas of the country. The National Youth Gang Survey Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention(OJJDP)


Key Points

  • There were an estimated 28,100 gangs and 731,000 gang members throughout 3,500 jurisdictions nationwide.
  • The prevalence rate of gang activity increased to 34.5 percent from 32.4 percent in 2008.
  • Larger cities and suburban counties accounted for more than 96 percent of all gang homicides.


Parents’ Guide to Gangs

This guide from the National Gang Center is designed to provide parents with answers to common questions about gangs to enable them to recognize and prevent gang involvement.

Permission is granted by the National Gang Center to make adaptations to the Parents’ Guide to Gangs. The National Gang Center requests that the following language be included when adapting the brochure for local needs: “Adapted from Parents’ Guide to Gangs, National Gang Center.” READ HERE

A Serious Issue With The New Film “The Birth Of A Nation”

"The Birth of a Nation"
“The Birth of a Nation”

Why I refuse to see ‘The Birth of a Nation’ By Sara Stewart

The Nat Turner story is a vitally important part of American history. Everyone should know it. That said, I’m skipping “The Birth of a Nation.”

Earlier this year, it came to light that director, writer and star Nate Parker and his co-writer, Jean Celestin, were accused of raping a fellow student at Penn State in 1999. Celestin was convicted of sexual assault, a charge that was overturned on appeal for a new trial in 2005 — which never happened because prosecutors said they wouldn’t be able to reassemble witnesses. Parker was acquitted, but the facts remain on the record: Both had sex, the same night, with a very intoxicated woman, who later dropped out of school. In 2012, she killed herself.

In an Ebony interview, Parker admitted he’d done some soul-searching, stopping short of apologizing to the woman’s family. He dialed it further back on “60 Minutes,” saying, “I was vindicated.” And in a more recent interview with Steve Harvey, he blamed the media for unearthing the rape case — then congratulated himself for bringing up the issue of sexual violence, which “no one is talking about.” (You need to get out more, Nate.)

Count me the hell out.

It’s not just Parker I can’t stomach. I haven’t seen a Woody Allen film since 2012’s “To Rome With Love.” Roman Polanski has been off my list for many years. After a video came out this summer showing a drunk Johnny Depp hurling verbal abuse at then-wife Amber Heard, I doubt I’ll see his next movie, either.

We live in a culture where rapists and abusers routinely get away with their crimes, or do next to no time. We don’t need to actively reward men who prey on women — and take no responsibility for it — by giving them lucrative Hollywood gigs. So I’ll wait for another take on the Nat Turner story. Who knows, maybe it’ll come from a female director next time.


An FBI Mutiny! Hillary Email Investigation Gets Ugly

Hillary Clinton and FBI Director James Comey
Hillary Clinton and FBI Director James Comey

Whether you are right, left or center this issue is important. Read the latest facts:

Veteran FBI agents say FBI Director James Comey has permanently damaged the bureau’s reputation for uncompromising investigations with his “cowardly” whitewash of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information using an unauthorized private email server.

Feeling the heat from congressional critics, Comey last week argued that the case was investigated by career FBI agents, “So if I blew it, they blew it, too.”

But agents say Comey tied investigators’ hands by agreeing to unheard-of ground rules and other demands by the lawyers for Clinton and her aides that limited their investigation.

“In my 25 years with the bureau, I never had any ground rules in my interviews,” said retired agent Dennis V. Hughes, the first chief of the FBI’s computer investigations unit.

Instead of going to prosecutors and insisting on using grand jury leverage to compel testimony and seize evidence, Comey allowed immunity for several key witnesses, including potential targets.

The immunity agreements came with outrageous side deals, including preventing agents from searching for any documents on a Dell laptop owned by former Clinton chief of staff Cheryl Mills generated after Jan. 31, 2015, when she communicated with the server administrator who destroyed subpoenaed emails.

Comey also agreed to have Mills’ laptop destroyed after the restricted search, denying Congress the chance to look at it and making the FBI an accomplice to the destruction of evidence.

Comey’s immunized witnesses nonetheless suffered chronic lapses in memory, made unsubstantiated claims of attorney-client privilege upon tougher questioning and at least two gave demonstrably false statements. And yet Comey indulged it all.

What’s more, Comey cut a deal to give Clinton a “voluntary” witness interview on a major holiday, and even let her ex-chief of staff sit in on the interview as a lawyer, even though she, too, was under investigation.

Clinton’s interview, the culmination of a yearlong investigation, lasted just 3½ hours. Despite some 40 bouts of amnesia, she wasn’t called back for questioning; and three days later, Comey cleared her of criminal wrongdoing.

“The FBI has politicized itself, and its reputation will suffer for a long time,” Hughes said. “I hold Director Comey responsible.”

Agreed retired FBI agent Michael M. Biasello: “Comey has singlehandedly ruined the reputation of the organization.”

The accommodations afforded Clinton and her aides are “unprecedented,” Biasello added, “which is another way of saying this outcome was by design.” He called Comey’s decision not to seek charges “cowardly.”

“Each month for 27 years, I received oral and computer admonishments concerning the proper protocol for handling top secret and other classified material, and was informed of the harsh penalties, to include prosecution and incarceration,” for mishandling such material, he pointed out. “Had myself or my colleagues engaged in behavior of the magnitude of Hillary Clinton, as described by Comey, we would be serving time in Leavenworth.”

Former FBI official I.C. Smith knows a thing or two about Clinton corruption. After working at FBI headquarters as a section chief in the National Security Division, he retired as special agent in charge of the Little Rock, Ark., field office, where he investigated top Clinton fundraisers for public corruption and even Chinese espionage.

“FBI agents upset with Comey’s decision have every reason to feel that way,” Smith said. “Clearly there was a different standard applied to Clinton.”

“I have no doubt resourceful prosecutors and FBI agents could have come up with some charge that she would have been subject to prosecution,” the 25-year veteran added. “What she did is absolutely abhorrent for anyone who has access to classified information.”

Smith said Congress should subpoena the case’s agents to testify about the direction they received from Comey and their supervisors: “It would be interesting to see what the results would be if those involved with the investigation were questioned under oath.”

Comey made the 25 agents who worked on the case sign nondisclosure agreements. But others say morale has sunk inside the bureau.

“The director is giving the bureau a bad rap with all the gaps in the investigation,” one agent in the Washington field office said. “There’s a perception that the FBI has been politicized and let down the country.”

Comey has turned a once-proud institution known for its independence into one that bows to election pressure, hands out political immunity to candidates and effectively pardons their co-conspirators. He’s turned the FBI into the Federal Bureau of Immunity and lost the trust and respect of not only his agents but the country at large. He ought to step down.

Amanda Knox is guilty! Mark my words she will be violent again.

Amanda Knox and Meredith Kercher
Amanda Knox and Meredith Kercher


1) The confession. 

Knox confessed that she was in the house on the night of the murder and that she heard Miss Kercher scream, identifying a Congolese bar owner, Patrick Lumumba, as the assailant. She told the court during the trial that the confession was made under duress but then repeated the entire account in a five page memorandum the next morning.

2) The false accusation.

The prosecution said the fact that Knox falsely accused Lumumba of being the killer was a sign of her own guilt and an attempt to throw them off her trail. He was arrested in a dawn raid by armed police and spent two weeks in jail. It was only by chance that a Swiss businessman read about the case and came forward to say he had been talking to Lumumba in his bar on the night of the murder — offering him a rock-solid alibi. Lumumba says Knox nearly ruined his life and is suing her for defamation.

3) The alibi. 

Sollecito could not back up Knox’s alibi on the night of the murder.
She claimed she spent the evening with him, smoking marijuana, watching the French film Amelie and making love. But Sollecito told police he could not remember if Knox was with him that evening or not.

Even assuming his memory was hazy because of the drugs, it seemed odd that a young man who had just embarked on a new relationship could not recall whether he had spent the night with his girlfriend or not.

4) Computer and telephone records. 

Sollecito claimed he used his computer to download and watch cartoons and Amelie. But computer experts told the court that there was no activity on his laptop between 9.10pm on Nov 1, and 5.32am the next morning — the time frame in which the murder took place.
Knox and Sollecito turned off their mobile phones on the night of the murder, from around 8.40pm, and turned them back on at around 6am, inviting further suspicion.

5) The staged break-in. 

A bedroom belonging to one of Miss Kercher’s Italian flatmates was ransacked on the night of the murder, with a window smashed with a rock. But police said the break-in was staged – broken glass from the window was found on top of clothes scattered on the floor, suggesting the window was broken after the contents of the room were messed up. Prosecutors accused Knox and her boyfriend of staging the break-in to make the killing look like a burglary that had turned into rape and murder.


Evil Defeated: The Courage of Colombia’s Voters

FARC Colombia
FARC Colombia

New York Post:

“Congratulations are in order for the people of Colombia, who, in a democratic referendum, have rejected the peace deal with the Revolutionary Armed Forces known as FARC,” say the editors of The New York Sun.

Though weary after 52 years of conflict, they rightly rejected “a compromise with a nihilistic Marxist movement whose entry into peace talks was one of the most cynical maneuvers in the history of the Americas.”

And yet the now-rejected deal “was hailed by nearly every liberal paper and politician in the world (including Hillary Clinton).” The Colombian people “turned out to be smarter than the elites who rule them” and are “prepared to risk [more] war over a false peace.”

3 Questions Every Parent – Grandparent Should Ask School Board Members About Their Children’s Safety

ALERT school violence schools
ALERT school violence schools

Do you really know how safe your children are in their Private or Public school?

For the past 20 years SERAPH has provided the White House, Senate and U.S. Department of Education with studies and policy regarding school safety and special education students.

With 30,000 U.S. schools as clients, we have an accurate understanding of the hidden issues.

TAKE ACTION: Under state and federal law requests to school board members or school administrators must be in written form [not email].

STEP 1: Get a group of parents together [at least 3] and write a letter with these questions then submit it to your school board [make sure everyone of the parents signs it and dates it]:

  • What proof of Prevention policies and training do they have? [denial of entry to a school]. Do the trainers have certification in federal IDEA?
  • Do they have a formal process for outside security walks every 15-30 minutes? [if the school has security guards make them show you the plan].
  • Has a Federal level [U.S. Department of Education –  United States Department of Justice] security MANAGEMENT audit been done in the last 12 months? This would include a Climate Assessment of the Special Education department.

You will be shocked by what you find.



ALERT Parents of Students in NYC Schools

ALERT school violence NYC schools
ALERT school violence NYC schools

If you are a parent of a school aged child in New York City school system [ New York City Department of Education ] please read immediately.

Last October, schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña testified in front of the New York State Assembly Education Committee and attempted to justify the continuation of New York City’s failing Renewal School program.

Unfortunately, the core of her argument was based on a lie: the claim that chronic absenteeism rates at these struggling Renewal Schools had dropped from 25.3 percent to 23.9 percent between the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 school years.

These numbers seemed too good to be true, but Fariña’s Department of Education continued to assert their accuracy, even reporting the false absenteeism rates to the New York State Department of Education in February and April. Only in July did parents and the public learn the truth — and it didn’t come from anyone at Tweed or City Hall.

The Post revealed that chronic absenteeism rates were much higher than Fariña had claimed, and the city now says the actual absentee rate is just under 40 percent.

The city scrambled to write off this huge discrepancy as a clerical error. In reality, it’s just another example of the de Blasio administration cooking the books on the progress, integrity and safety of city district schools. Unless the comptroller, public advocate or state Education Department quickly decides to conduct a thorough audit of the Department of Education, students, parents and teachers are at risk of losing an entire school year to this kind of deception.

Four major pieces of news over the last month — from the chronic absenteeism scandal to fake course credits, stories of bullying and revelations that the lead levels in school water are likely higher than tests indicated — amount to a crisis proving that the Department of Education refuses to tell the truth.

In addition to twisting data about absenteeism at Renewal Schools, the DOE has deceived families about the quality of their children’s education by failing to discipline 36 schools that awarded credits to students in inappropriate and illegitimate ways.

Each of these schools found creative ways to help students get credits without actually earning them — like giving out credits for non-credit classes. But instead of taking steps to curb this phenomenon, the DOE let 26 of the 36 schools off the hook entirely and only assigned monitors to the remaining 10.

It would be bad enough if the administration’s lies ended here, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Over the summer, lead test results indicated that less than 1 percent of the water samples from over 1,500 school buildings across the city contained a harmful amount of lead.

These seemingly impressive results concealed the truth, which was later uncovered by the New York Times: All of the schools ran their water for two hours in advance of the test, eliminating most lead from the water and skewing the results of the test.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and the DOE have also crafted a false narrative around the epidemic of violence in the city’s district schools. The de Blasio administration has denied the ongoing crisis of school violence for months, and has under-reported bullying data for years.

Last week, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman released an analysis confirming this pattern and called on schools to more comprehensively report instances of bullying against their students. According to Schneiderman’s office, a full 71 percent of district schools across the city didn’t report any such incidents during the 2013-2014 school year — meaning that thousands of bullied kids never had their stories told and never got the help they needed.

Not only do these cases reveal the truth about city district schools, they expose the de Blasio administration’s misplaced priorities. Appearances are everything for the mayor and the DOE, and they’re committed to painting a rosy picture of city schools even if it means shirking responsibility and hurting the students they’re supposed to protect.

There’s still time to right the wrongs de Blasio and his DOE have inflicted on New York City families, but the city needs to act fast. Students, parents and teachers can’t possibly spend another school year listening to a constant stream of lies from the man who’s supposed to be the steward of our schools. And they shouldn’t have to.

Jeremiah Kittredge is CEO of Families for Excellent Schools.